Our Schools

Mentores Solidarios works with 12 secondary schools in Managua, Masaya and Granada and Diriamba. We maintain a close working relationship with these schools' administrators to facilitate the payment process, deliver the students’ grades, and proper follow-up to the students that we are sponsoring.

We use strict selection criteria to choose the schools we partner with. The main things we look for are: academic excellence, great reputation, availability of English classes and internet-equipped computer labs. We also require that the schools assign one person to coordinate our program's activities and serve as a liaison between Mentores Solidarios and the school.

Madre del Divino Pastor (Altagracia)

The Madre del Divino Pastor school is the best school in the department of Carazo. The Mentores Solidarios Program started working with Divino Pastor from the very beginning of the program and it is the school where we have the most students.

The school provides a lot of support for sponsored students

Colegio San Francisco Xavier

The San Francisco Xavier School has the poorest students in our program. Due to its location, this school has many students whose parents work in La Chureca, Managua’s main trash dump.

The school has a lot of emphasis in the general community and the responsibility that the sponsored children have. It provides an integral education, all students are required to perform “ecological hours” which are hours of manual labor intended to create awareness of the importance of preserving our environment.

Colegio Sor María Romero

Located in Managua, the Sor María Romero school is recognized for its high academia standards. It has exceptional infrastructure, with very good sports facilities and great computer labs. The quality of the education is also amongst the best in Managua.

The school provides a lot of emphasis in making sure that the students adopt the values of the catholic faith. The nuns that run the school give constant and focused follow-up to the sponsored students.

Colegio María Mazzarello

Located in the center of Managua, the María Mazzarello school is an institution of great prestige and a long tradition in the education of young Nicaraguans.

The schools curriculum has given special emphasis on the study of a foreign language (English) and computing.

Colegio Parroquial Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The school is located in Managua, is a prestigious Catholic school recognized by the education provided in their facilities, encourages his students to love God.

This school is distinguished by train outstanding students in all disciplines including computer science and foreign language (english).

Colegio Presbítero Uriel Reyes

Located in Tipitapa, Presbítero Uriel Reyes school is recognized for its excellent educational program that contains an integral, Catholic, equitable, and comprenhensive quality according to the principles of the Christian faith.

The main mission of the school is to educate youth with useful values to create a solid community. This school provides a great academic support to our sponsored students.

Colegio Pureza de María (Villa Venezuela)

Pureza de María Villa Venezuela School offers a family atmosphere that helps students to live their faith in a gradual maturation process.

The preventive and innovative pedagogy at this school supports the growth of values ​​that make our society more humane and just. This school provides a personalized attention to their students to achieve integration and growth as people.

Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús school is located in Managua. Under the administration of the religious sisters of Bethlehem, this school is characterized by its eminently dynamic, participatory and updated community.

Its main mission is to empower students to help overcome the challenges of a globalized and technologized world.

Colegio Madre del Divino Pastor

Located in the city of Managua, Madre del Divino Pastor school provides an excellent academic plan.

The school provides a great emphasis on the active, participatory, creative, and progressive educational process for its students to become agents of change in this society.

Colegio Calasanz de Managua

The Calasanz college is located in Managua, it aims evangelize by educating. From early childhood to children and young people, especially the poor, through the integration of faith and culture, piety and letters, serving the church and transforming Nicaraguan society as the Gospel values ​​of justice, solidarity and peace.

Colegio Salesiano

The Masaya Salesian College is a private Catholic school dedicated to form children and youth around the city of Masaya, developing in them moral values ​​and attitudes , spiritual, civic, cultural and social, especially those most in need.

Colegio San Antonio

The San Antonio school is located in Granada City on Calle Atravesada, is characterized by providing an education of prestige, representing quality knowledge taught to students of different social classes, who enjoy the benefits of forming part of this prestigious educational institution.