Who are our mentors?

The program currently has over 200 mentors that support and sponsor students.

Mentors are people who, simply put, want to help out with the education of a children and are ready to make a 5 year commitment towards that education. A mentor can sponsor more than one student, or also team up with another person to do a joint mentorship of one student.

Profiles of some of our mentors

Manuel Caldera & Erika Thawley de Caldera

Works at: Exterran (company that provides petroleum extraction equipment)
Lives in: Nicaragua

Where he works: Exterran (company that provides petroleum extraction equipment)
Where he lives: Houston, Texas, USA
His motivation: “The simple desire to help others”

Manuel is a young Nicaraguan who lives in the United States that is very committed to education in Nicaragua. His excellent academic performance led him to study electrical engineering at the prestigious Notre Dame University and later to work at Exterran, a provider of petroleum extraction equipment based in Houston, Texas. Throughout his career Manuel has had “many generous individuals and institutions that have supported his education” and he sees the Mentores Solidarios Program as a way to share that opportunity with others.

All these achievements and experiences have only reinforced Manuel’s desire to contribute to Nicaragua’s development and, “the simple desire to help others”. For many in Nicaragua, “education does not have the cherished place that it deserves”, and to change that, Manuel has decided to support Mentores Solidarios. For him the goal of Mentores Solidarios is something that “appears simple, but is incredibly important: helping a child complete his secondary education”, something that has motivated many like Manuel to support the program.

Marco Lacayo Baez

When I was little I remember watching a television commercial that spoke as children are the future of tomorrow. I completely agree with this sentiment. The small eduation starts from where you can mold and develop as a person. The Mentoring Project Solidarity seemed a great initiative which will give the opportunity for more jovenos but not only that, you give the opportunity to those who need it most.

Participating in the Mentoring program Solidarios a great opportunity would be giving to the needy. In countries like ours unfortunately if you are born poor it is safer that you stay poor forever. A good educational foundation is the first step that can give you the chance to escape poverty. With good eduation you give children the tools to grow and overcome.

Andres Ruzo Callejas

Where you live: Peru

What did you want to be when you were younger?

For me, it was never what I wanted to be, but rather what they wanted to do with my life. I've wanted to be everything from a zoologist an actor with a diplomat, and even a monk. However, what I do with my life has never changed: I want to be a force for positive change in the world.

How did you get started in your field?

There is really no exact start, but rather, a life full of little coincidences that led me to the world of geothermal energy.

As a child I spent my summers on the family farm in Nicaragua, which rests on top of a volcano called the Casita volcano. I was able to see first hand the power of the Earth's heat. Later, as a student at Southern Methodist University (SMU), these childhood memories inspired me to take a class in volcanology. The first time I opened my book to class, there was a photo page of the Casita volcano! This created a personal connection to the issue that sparked my passion for geology. My desire to learn more about the heat of the Earth, and how we can use it to power, I finally took the SMU Geothermal Laboratory, where I studied, researched and pursued my career in geology for the past six years.

NIMAC - Joaquin Gomez (Cristian) Felipe Urbina - Douglas Fonseca

Nicaragua Machinery Company (NIMAC) is a recognized commercial enterprise dedicated to the sale, rental and service of heavy equipment.

It is part of our program since 2012, providing scholarships to nine students.


B2Gold Corp. is a Vancouver based gold producer with four operating mines (one in Namibia, one in the Philippines and two in Nicaragua) and a strong portfolio of development and exploration assets in Mali, Nicaragua, Namibia, Burkina Faso and Colombia

B2Gold's corporate objective is to optimize production at existing mines and build further shareholder value through the exploration and development of existing projects and exploration joint ventures. B2Gold trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “BTO”, on the NYSE MKT under the symbol “BTG” and on the Namibian Stock Exchange under the symbol “B2G”.