In Nicaragua, 4 out of 5 children do not finish secondary school

The purpose of Mentores Solidarios is simple: To provide an opportunity to students from low-income families so they can continue their education in private secondary schools, and to be there for them to help them along their path.

Who do we help?

Students from low-income families that have attained a high academic achievement during their primary education, and have the desire to continue studying at a private high-school.

Great Grades

Why do we help?

These students have proven to have great potential given their excellent academic standing in primary school. However, their parents do not have the necessary resources to finance the costs of  private secondary education. 

Extreme Poverty

How do we help?

We provide students five-year scholarships to attend private secondary schools. Our students receive specialized tutoring, motivational talks, and vocational workshops to make sure they get into college.

Secondary School Scholarship

What does a mentor?

  • Receives a profile of the student’s background which details his particular circumstances (grades, family situation, etc.)
  • Covers the direct and indirect costs of all 5 years of secondary school for the student in one of the selected schools (a complete scholarship costs between US$300-500 per year, depending on the school)
  • Receives a scanned copy of the quarterly grades of the sponsored student
  • Serves as a role model and ideally as a mentor for the sponsored student. The mentor ideally meets with the student at least once per semester

I want to become a mentor too

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